Friday, February 1, 2008

The Warriors-Mark Andrew Olsen

The Warriors
Mark Andrew Olsen
Bethany House, Apr 2008, $19.99
ISBN: 9780764202742

Abby Sherman and Dylan Hatfield argue over the differences between spiritual and mortal combat. They are Watchers; humans who hear God’s voce and can see demons and angels fighting one another. Dylan is with a black ops operation in Tora Bora; the place where Osama escaped in Tunnel Nine from the allies during the overthrow of the Taliban. The Watcher realizes he and his peers have uncovered a Principality; a demon hold on earth. He is the only one to come out alive, but those who saved his life want him dead because they are possessed.

Abby goes to Jerusalem to visit the Watcher the Sentinel who is dying but needs to deliver a message for Abby. A giant wave of destruction is going to destroy the North American eastern coast; to prevent onslaught Abby must find the summons in stone that will call forth the Warriors. Abby and Dylan meet up with both on the run while searching for the stone etching. Demon possessed American agents pursue them to prevent them from bringing the Warriors to fight the horde.

Mark Andrew Olsen is an expert at writing exciting faith based supernatural thrillers in which a chosen few are chillingly able to see the true meaning of Revelations. Most people are unaware of Watchers and the few who do rarely believe they are part of God’s plan, but instead assume they are crazy religious fanatics. Whereas Abby’s faith carries her through one crisis after another, Dylan’s doubts make him work harder at acceptance. Readers will enjoy this couple who if successful will prevent biblical calamity.

Harriet Klausner

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