Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Remember Me?-Sophie Kinsella

Remember Me?
Sophie Kinsella
Dial, Feb 2008, $25.00
ISBN: 9780385338721

Twenty-eight years old Lexi Smart thinks it is still 2004 and that she disgracefully just missed her father’s funeral. However, the working girl struggles with why she is in a London hospital (from a car accident) and worse she learns that it is 2007. Adding to her confusion of where the last three years went is her physical appearance; she looks great and somehow has become a successful shark businesswoman.

Lexi decides to investigate herself in order to learn what happened that changed her from mouse to lioness. She also tries to kindle warmth between her and her aloof spouse Eric while his associate Jon passionately insists she was dumping her husband for him before she bumped her head in the car accident.

Although the theme has been used numerous times, Lexi refreshes Sophie Kinsella’s fun tale with her quest to learn what happened to change her as radically as she has forgotten the last three years. Her inquiries into herself enable the audience to better understand who she is, how she got to where she is, and her relationship with Eric and Jon. Ms. Kinsella provides a smart contemporary tale.

Harriet Klausner

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