Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Honor Thyself-Danielle Steel

Honor Thyself
Danielle Steel
Delacorte, Feb 2008, $27.00
ISBN: 9780385340243

One time Oscar winner Carole Barber leaves Hollywood for Paris where the fifty year old actress plans to write her first novel. However, on her first night in town, a terrorists' assault kills many innocents and leaves the stage and movie superstar severely injured and rushed to a hospital suffering from amnesia amongst other injuries.

As she recovers physically, the paparazzi are like locusts assaulting the hospital. Someone she does not recognize keeps visiting her as he has not forgotten her from their time together fifteen years ago. Her adult children cross the pond while praying for their mom to heal. During all this Carole slowly one fact at a time begins to remember her life, her failures, and her regrets, but realizes God has given her a second chance with those she loves if she has the courage to go for it.

This is an interesting character driven tale in which Carole meeting her loved ones for the “first” time since her amnesia will garner a lot of reader empathy. However, the story line never digs deep into her decision making as to why she kept her secret lover and even her children at a distance. Still fans of Danielle Steele will enjoy her second chance at living and loving relationships as fans will root for the heroine to succeed.

Harriet Klausner

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