Friday, February 8, 2008

The Red-Headed Princess-Ann Rinaldi

The Red-Headed Princess
Ann Rinaldi
HarperCollins, Jan 2008
ISBN: 9780060733742

In 1533, serendipitously Ann Boleyn secretly marred King Henry VIII while they waited for his the Archbishop of Canterbury to affirm his divorce from Catherine of Aragon before announcing their wedding. Nine moths later she gave birth to Elizabeth Tudor, his second daughter. In 1536 Henry accused his second wife of adultery with her brother and others. She was incarcerated in the Tower of London before being convicted and beheaded. Although an infant when her mom died, Elizbath had learned early on the virtue of caution as she navigates her father’s court. Over the years she failed at ever pleasing her sire, but when he died her older brother took the throne. Elizabeth found her life improved until a sick Edward died placing her step sister devout Catholic “Bloody Mary” on the throne. Even as she once again walks cautiously Bess expects to one day be the Queen of England and rule in a strong way that would make her late father finally proud of her accomplishments.

This fine biographical fiction tale targets preadolescent female with her humanizing Queen Elizabeth I. The audience learns what motivated the princess to be the best that she can be once on the throne and how she survived her father executing her mother and her step-sister’s religious fanaticism. Although obviously slanted in an Elizabethan Era direction, Ann Rinaldi provides a deep look at the soul of THE RED-HAIRED PRINCESS who one day became one of England’s most influential rulers.

Harriet Klausner

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