Friday, February 15, 2008

Return of the Stardust Cowgirl-Marsha Moyer

Return of the Stardust Cowgirl
Marsha Moyer
Three Rivers (Crown), Feb 2008, $13.95
ISBN: 9780307351555

In northeast Texas, cowgirl Lucy Hatch worries about their future since the recording contract of her on the road husband Ash Farrell was ended. Despondent, Ash returned to Mooney to move back in with his wife and their son Jude.

Lucy has mixed feelings about Ash staying home. On the one hand he is very handy at fixing things; on the other he has issues starting with his songwriter’s block. She also worries that she will soon be unemployed as Peggy Thaney, owner of Faye’s Flowers, is retiring and closing the florist shop that Lucy works at. However the biggest problem besides Ash’s renewed vow to his family is the arrival of her stepdaughter rising country western star Denny Culpepper, who left her cheating husband Will and his Nashville Cats although she carries his offspring.

Rotating perspective between Lucy and Denny, readers see deep into the Texas roots of both beleaguered, bewildered women as each feels their life is being nuked by outside forces causing unwanted changes and in turn forcing them to make decisions neither wants to make. The pair actually bond helping each other with coping. Fans will appreciate Marsha Moyer’s wonderful look at family life in small-town rural Texas in her latest Lucy Hatch tale (see THE SECOND COMING OF LUCY HATCH, THE LAST OF THE HONKY-TONK ANGELS, and HEARTBREAK TOWN).

Harriet Klausner

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