Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Shadow of Your Smile-Susan May Warren

The Shadow of Your Smile

Susan May Warren

Tyndale, Jan 1 2012, $13.99

ISBN: 9781414334837

In Deep Haven, Minnesota, forty-six years old Noelle Hueston drives home from Duluth while wintry weather slams the lake Superior area. Her spouse of twenty-five years Eli recently retired from the police force, but each feel their relationship died when their child Kelsey died. She stops for coffee, but two men with guns hold up the place; as Noelle flees she slips on the ice smacking her head and falling into unconsciousness.

When Noelle regains consciousness, she cannot remember anything that happened to her in the last quarter of a century. She does not recognize her sons or her husband and fails to recall Kelsey’s death. Eli realizing what he almost lost prays for her full recovery and a second chance.

The return to Deep Haven (see My Foolish Heart, Perfect Match and Tying the Knot) is a fabulous second chance family drama. The wonderful storyline showcases how talented Susan May Warren is as the theme has been used many times (see Random Harvest by James Hilton and the subsequent Coleman-Garson movie); yet this great author spins a fresh relationship tale. Readers will appreciate how a tragedy and the related grief and guilt can destroy a loving relationship while a second trauma may restore paradise lost.

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