Friday, December 16, 2011

Diamond Life-Aliya S. King

Diamond Life

Aliya S. King

Touchstone, Feb 7 2012, $14.99

ISBN 9781451625547

Entertainment journalist Alex Maxwell feels she’s on top of the world with her marriage to Birdie the rapper and her work as a ghost writer although the latter caused her some tsuris when she did Cleopatra Wright’s point the middle finger at memoir (see Platinum). As the couple leaves Brooklyn for a Mcmansion in Jersey and groupies chase after him, Alex learns when it comes to divas like Cleo it is never over.

Record company mogul Jake grieves the death of his beloved multiplatinum R&B artist singer Kipenzi. He turns to alcohol and secretive Lily the waitress to numb his pain though she rejects his fame.

Rapper Z knows his addiction to drugs and women have hurt his Beth. He tries to go clean to be there for his pregnant wife and their sons especially since his child Zander wants to enter the music world. However, Zander has issues too following a highly reported domestic violence incident with his girlfriend Bunny

Jamaican singer-producer Ras Bennett and his wife fashion designer Josephine love their newly adopted daughter Reina. However, Cleo being Cleo causes them despair.

This engaging sequel follows up on the lives of the key performers who went Platinum. Character driven, readers will believe the ensemble cast are real performers with stardom and trouble as keys in their scandalous lifestyles. Fans will enjoy this entertaining look at the flawed Diamond Life of performers, their families and retinue from A to Z.

Harriet Klausner

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