Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Promise of Safekeeping-Lisa Dale

A Promise of Safekeeping

Lisa Dale

Berkley, Jan 3 2012, $15.00

ISBN: 9780425245149

Almost a decade ago in Albany, New York, Lauren Matthews prosecuted the successful conviction of Arlen Fieldstone on a murder rap. For the next nine years Arlen insisted he was innocent, but no one believed him except perhaps his closest loyal friend Will Farris the antiques collector.

Now Arlen has been exonerated and freed. In Richmond, Will worries about his buddy who is not the same person who was unjustly incarcerated; he fears his friend is now capable of homicide which he felt a decade ago he was not. Additionally, Arlen’s Eula remains in the house they bought together wanting nothing to do with him. Lauren arrives in Richmond to apologize to Arlen and asks him to forgive her for taking away nine years of his life. However, to get to Arlen who lives above Will’s store in the Carytown section, she must get through his protector Farris, who refuses to allow neighbors who believe he is the “Infamous Innocent” killer or the vicious female he saw in court harm his fragile friend.

A Promise of Safekeeping is a well written character driven tale of four troubled people seeking different forms of redemption and each wondering what truth is this concept is relative to the individual’s thought processes. Although the attraction between Will and Lauren adds tension, this subplot feels unnecessary as the effect on the quartet of the nine years behind bars is what makes this an insightful thriller. Filled with angst and body language reading lessons, fans will enjoy this engaging tale of four people requiring diverse needs to close the past and begin to move on.

Harriet Klausner

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