Thursday, July 3, 2008

That’s What’s Up!-Paula Chase

That’s What’s Up!
Paula Chase
Kensington Dafina, Jul 2008, $9.95
ISBN: 0758225822

At Del Rio Bay High School in Maryland, Mina Mooney is euphoric as she has achieved her dream of making the varsity cheer squad that is competing in the Extreme Nationals at O.C. (Ocean City). She knows that being a cheerleader means hanging out with the in crowd, the Upper Circle at DRB. Mina also looks forward to spending more time with her boyfriend Brian.

However, not everyone welcomes Mina to the top social rung. The reigning queen Jessica Johnson plans to make trouble for Mina when they are in O.C., but puts on a façade of welcome. Her friends have issues too starting with the feeling Mina dumped them to enter the Upper Circle as they do not have a ticket. Lizzie has met Todd, the first boy to distract her from schoolbooks; Kelly is giving ex-hustler Angel a second chance though she has doubts; and Jacinta is thinking of ending her relationship with Raheem for slapping her. Finally Mina finds Craig hanging around her though she wants Brian. The four best friends need each other, but each member of the Del Rio Bay Clique is distracted.

The latest DBR Clique tare (see SO NOT THE DRAMA and DON’T GET IT TWISTED; neither read by me) is a fascinating look at the teen lifestyle in a Maryland high school. The cast is sold though purposely stereotyped to bring out the message that diversity in friendships is good. Readers will see how different the Clique sisters are from one another and yet in spite of their differences and recent spats remain bonded friends. Paula Chase provides a fascinating young adult relationship drama as the quartet struggle with boy problems.

Harriet Klausner

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