Saturday, July 5, 2008

Reconstructing Brigid-Lee Nichols

Reconstructing Brigid
Lee Nichols
Red Dress, Aug 2008, $13.95
ISBN: 9780373895625

In Maine twenty-eight year old Jody Hulfinger was found dead in her under the water car two weeks after she vanished following a tryst with idle middle class Aaron White, who actually is fond of her twin sister Cate. The twins’ father Stanwood, known for his “big money, big noise” and big influence demands the best to solve what happened to his daughter. However, the numero uno accident reconstructionist expert in the country is in hiding following a car accident; Brigid Ashbury is unable to get back on the bike as she suffers from auto-phobia.

However, she agrees to work the case anyway as she has problems accepting a happy woman would commit suicide and what she read in the dossier makes her question a tragic accident. As she begins to uncover clues and connecting the dots, she realizes she is also Reconstructing Brigid at the same time. The evidence begins to point towards Aaron, but Brigid has doubts even as she finds everyone wants her to stop investigating as the Feds and Stanwood feel they have a perfect case against White; however one person in particular is willing to set up an accident to end Brigid’s snooping.

This is a fabulous chick lit whodunit starring a likable heroine struggling with a case of post traumatic stress disorder following her car accident, but unable to resist the investigation. Readers obtain a close look at what an accident reconstructionist must do to “reenact” the event inside of a clever mystery. Lee Nichols provides a one sitting tale that hooks the audience from the moment that Aaron drinks hot chocolate while praying for exoneration but expecting handcuffs.

Harriet Klausner

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