Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dangerous Pleasures-Bertrice Small

Dangerous Pleasures
Bertrice Small
NAL, Aug 2008, $14.00
ISBN: 9780451223975

In Egret Pointe, fortyish Widow Annie Elizabeth Miller raises five children by herself with no social life since her husband died in London. When her mom calls whining that her dad ignores her for golf, Annie knows this is an omen. Soon the high school calls to inform her that her two oldest Nathaniel and Amy are on detention; that is followed by the middle school informing her that her twins Lily and Rose are suspended. Finally her youngest stay at home Wills rejects the nap that Annie desperately needs.

Her corporate litigator sister Lizzie who knows Annie’s “strength” fa├žade hides a depressed miserable person, submits her name to a contest sponsored by Channel, a spa catering to female desires. Annie wins a week at the spa. She has the time of her life sexually and otherwise. Shockingly she is offered a position at the spa, which would eliminate her financial woes and her sexual abstinence, which she accepts. However, her family, especially her kids who depend on her, wonder how far will success and pleasure spoil Annie Elizabeth Miller.

The sequel to PRIVATE PLEASURES is a pleasurable erotic tale starring a fortyish mother of five who has no life of her own with the only person interested in her well being her sister. The transformation of Annie from only raising five kids to sex siren works; she classically displays defense mechanisms defending herself psychologically with initially altruistic and suppression states to altruistic rationalization s. She defends her changed behavior from a stay at home mom to BDSM and multiple-partners. Fans will enjoy Bertrice Small’s fine character study while pondering the wise wisdom of teenage philosopher Amy that eventually you reach an age that sex does not matter (not).

Harriet Klausner

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