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Yankee In Atlanta-Jocelyn Green

Yankee In Atlanta

Jocelyn Green

River North, Jun 1 2014, $14.99

ISBN: 9780802405784


After being injured in battle while fighting for the North in Virginia, Caitlin McKae awakens to find herself in an Atlanta hospital.  The doctor obviously knows she is a female pretending to be a man but assumes she fought for the Confederacy.  Caitlin conceals her roots to avoid being incarcerated as a Northern spy.  She becomes governess to German immigrant Noah Becker’s daughter Analiese.  While he reluctantly joins the fight of his new country though he loathes slavery, Noah depends on Caitlin to keep his beloved child safe.  Caitlin and Ana pray their beloved Noah returns safe to them at a time when Sherman begins his march through the South.


In New York City, Ruby O'Flannery struggles with the assault that tortures her soul though she tries to hide her torment from her son Aiden.  She works as a maid while belonging to a bible study group led by Chaplain Edward Goodrich.  Respect for one another soon turns to love for Ruby and Edward, but others try to keep them apart.


The third Heroines Behind The Lines Civil War drama (see Wedded to War and Widow of Gettysburg) is a deep historical that rotates focus on two women in opposite sides of the divided nation struggling to survive the horrors of war.  Each subplot is entertaining while enabling the audience to compare living in New York and Atlanta in 1864.  Although the war keeps Caitlin and Noah apart so that their relationship feels lacking in substance, readers will enjoy a Yankee In Atlanta (and New York) as Jocelyn Green once again provides her fans with a profound look at the impact of war on beleaguered civilians.


Harriet Klausner

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