Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Forever an Ex-Victoria Christopher Murray

Forever an Ex

Victoria Christopher Murray

Touchstone, Jun 17 2014, $15.00

ISBN: 9781476748856


Seven years ago in Los Angeles, Sheridan Goodman, Kendall Stewart, and Asia Ingram met at a prayer group and became friends.  With the help of prayer and having each other’s back, they weathered the break-up of their marriages (see The Ex Files).  Now the exes are back so each turns to prayer and their BFFs to weather the new storm.


Basketball player Bobby tries to persuade Asia to permit their daughter Angel to attend the School of the Performing Arts in NYC.  Bobby and Asia begin a tryst that leads to his wife Caroline warning her to stay away from her husband.  When Asia ignores the cuckooed spouse’s admonition, the spiteful woman retaliates via Angel.


With her children grown and away, Sheridan and Brock love the empty nest.  Her ex-husband’s fiancée Harmony meets with her to ask her questions about Quentin’s cheating.  Sheridan informs the worried woman that she believes Quentin will be faithful to her.  Not long after that, Sheridan observes Quentin with Jeff, his lover when he was married to her.


Kendall returns to Malibu, sight of where her former husband Anthony and her sister Sabrina betrayed her.  She remains estranged from both of them and wants nothing to do with their child.  Anthony’s brother, D’Angelo, proves helpful, but hides his attraction to his one-time sister-in-law.  However when Sabrina becomes critically ill, Kendall has to decide whether to forgive their transgression.


Forever an Ex is an engaging inspirational extended family drama as the three BFFs deal with different troubles caused by the returns of the exes.  Fans will enjoy the prayers, fears and tears as Victoria Christopher Murray provides an engaging tale.

Harriet Klausner

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