Saturday, May 26, 2012

Revelation-Peggy Payne


Peggy Payne

Amazon Digital Services, Apr 23 2012, $3.99


In Chapel Hill, North Carolina, late thirtyish Presbyterian Pastor Swain Hammond keeps an emotional distance from his wife Julie and his congregation. However, his holier than thou conceit is tested when he hears a voice who he assumes is God speaking to him only. He so shook, Julie fears he is having a stroke. Over a week later he hears the voice again that no one else nearby apparently hears.

He tells the flock that God speaks to him in messages he does not comprehend, but his congregation believes their pastor is losing it. In a weird accident in church land, tweener Jakey Miles is blinded. The lad’s angry despondent father rages at Hammond; who finally punches the man out of frustration. With a vigil at the child’s hospital bed, Hammond begs God to perform a miracle and restore Jakey’s sight.

This digitalization of a wonderful 1990s inspirational tale that holds up nicely even with over a decade since first being published. Hammond is a fabulous protagonist whose flock and wife do not believe God speaks to him as the assumption is he is losing his grip on reality. The Jakey tragedy shakes the pastor from his aloof distancing as he prays the youngster fully heals, but begins to heal himself from hates that have crippled him emotionally. Revelation is an inspiring poignant character study of a man of God beginning to accept the lord works in mysterious ways.

Harriet Klausner

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