Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rebel-Linda Windsor


Linda Windsor

David C. Cook, Jun 1 2012, $14.99

ISBN: 9781434764768

In the late sixth century AD, Abbess Ninian took his confession and gave him his last rites before announcing the death of Merlin Emrys. His demise comes at an unsettling time for the Cymri as the succession has been left confused with Rome demanding Urien of Rheged instead of High King Arthur’s nephew King Modred of Lothian who Queen Gwenhyfar prefers. Besides the schism between the old religions including that of Christ and that of the new Christianity of Merlin’s successor as advisor to Arthur Archbishop Cassian, the land is further divided between the Brits, Welsh, Scots and Pict.

Kella O’Toole, Queen Gwenhyfar’s scribe, learns her fiancĂ© died in battle and her father Glenarden’s Champion Egan vanished in the hostile land of the Pict. Gwenhyfar orders Kella to keep working on the vellum, Arthur, Prince of Dalraida. Instead defying the royal decree, Kella, accompanied by her foster brother Alyn the third son of O’Byrne Clan of Glenarden who left his priestly studies to attend Merlin’s funeral, search for her dad.

The latest Brides of Alba Arthurian saga (see Healer and Thief) is a great tale that brings to life sixth century British Isles at a time of deep bloody schisms. Action-packed but vividly describing the era, readers will relish this strong romantic adventure starring two disillusioned individuals who have doubts about religion and royalty as each has witnessed manipulations in the name of God by men and women.

Harriet Klausner

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