Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rose in a Storm-Jon Katz

Rose in a Storm

Jon Katz

Random House, Sep 13 2011, $14.00

ISBN: 9780345502667

Sam the Farmer and Rose the herding mixed breed dog have been together for six years at Granville Farm since she introduced herself to the widower when she was eight weeks old. They have become best buddies and kindred souls as both are workaholics.

During the lambing season, a horrific blizzard of the century assaults Granville Farm. Structures collapse under the tons of snow and Sam breaks his leg and more after a tumble from a slippery roof. Already overworked keeping the other animals safe, responsible Rose takes over running the farm while her human partner is flown to a hospital. When a vicious pack of coyotes attack, Rose becomes hurt in the melee but keeps fighting aided by an enigmatic seemingly paranormal wolf and Flash the wild dog.

Rose in a Storm is a fascinating whimsical family drama starring a wonderful canine protagonist, her human partner, and her new dog pal. The poignant story line avoids sweetness but instead focuses on what makes a dog contented, which varies. Through Rose’s observations, readers also learn how lonely Sam has been since his wife Katie died, but he has has a friend and partner on the farm and maybe even a pet. No one gets into the Soul of a Dog deeper than Jon Katz does.

Harriet Klausner

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