Monday, September 12, 2011

One Voice Too Many-Paul Martin Midden

One Voice Too Many

Paul Martin Midden

AuthorHouse, Jul 6 2011, $21.00

ISBN: 9781463413262

Forty-nine year old white male Jeremy Walker was musing about Swedenborg the eighteenth century mystic on his way to work. However, a traffic jam on the interstate ends his ride from Biltmore to the suburbs. The amiable carpenter walks away from his truck, goes to a nearby diner and orders a burger with fries before he starts screaming hysterically. The police take him to a psycho ward and contact his former wife Macy.

When Jeremy and divorcee Macy Caldwell met, they instantly were attracted to one another. They begin seeing one another. After telling her daughter Taylor she met someone she likes, they quickly marry as he wants this one to last forever and she needs this one to work. However, like all his past relationships, this one in spite of their love for one another fails as Jeremy has had only one successful relationship in his disturbed life with the Voice; but perhaps his breakdown will lead to a second chance

One Voice Too Many is not an easy read as Paul Martin Midden digs into the mind of a troubled individual. Character driven by Jeremy, but enhanced by Macy, the Voice and others, readers will appreciate this fascinating profound psychological drama; as Mr. Madden asks can even a loved one know the true essence of someone else when that other person probably does not know themselves.

Harriet Klausner

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