Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Simply Sara-Hilary Manton Lodge

Simply Sara
Hilary Manton Lodge
Harvest House, Sep 1 2010, $10.99
ISBN: 9780736926997

Sara Burkholder left her Amish family and community to room in the English world with Oregonian reporter Jayne Tate (see Plain Jayne) in Portland. Although Jayne initially was reluctant especially finding Sara hiding in her car trunk, she has become a willing and caring mentor, as has her friends. Sara’s brother Levi followed her to the big city with his heart insisting he continue to court Jayne, but he also seems to have adapted faster as she struggles with her adjustment though she has passed her GED. Still with Jayne’s encouragement, Sara learns to drive and buys clothing and makeup so she will fit in her new environs especially at fashion school she attends.

Sara is pleased to obtain a job at R.G. Cameron Books though the store manager Will Blythe makes her uneasy. However, not ready for romance, Sara flees back to Amish country believing her family especially her dad will reject her. As her doubts grow whether to return to her Amish lifestyle or continue to adapt to that of the English, Sara turns to God; only to wonder if the deity she grew up to respect is the same as those outside of her Amish community who pray to as diligently as she does

The Plain and Simple Sequel to Plain Jayne stars the sister of the male lead from the first novel and the book store manager who scowls at her to hide his out of control heart rate. Entertaining and fresh as this fine Amish romance’s setting is predominantly Englisher Portland instead of the Amish country, Simply Sara is simply stupendous.

Harriet Klausner

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