Wednesday, August 25, 2010

She's Gone Country-Jane Porter

She's Gone Country
Jane Porter
5 Spot, Aug 23 2010, $13.99
ISBN: 9780446509411

In New York City, as she nears forty, former model Shey Darcy believes she lives a terrific life with her photographer husband and their three teen sons. However, her idyll family ends when her spouse announce he loves someone else and leaves her and the kids for this man.

Shey takes her distraught adolescent children back to the Texas ranch she grew up on. Her controlling siblings welcome her and the boys though each want to protect their sister and their nephews. Soon after coming home, Shey finds work as a catalogue model. However, her mom demands the quartet scrub sinful Manhattan from their souls as she is a strict Southern Baptist who expects others to be as pious as she is. Her offspring struggle with adjusting to going country and the betrayal each perceives of their father; especially depressed is Bo. Finally, her first love former pro bull rider Dane Kelly wants back in her life.

Although She’s Gone Country lacks the emotional intricacy of the previous thirty-something tale (see Easy on the Eyes), this is an entertaining contemporary second chance at love tale. Shey is a wonderful lead with her can do attitude, which includes tying up in knots the former bull rider and ignoring her mother and siblings. Though much of the cast especially her family is stereotyped detracting from the potential interrelation poignant strife, fans will enjoy Shey’s coming home.

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