Monday, June 7, 2010

Fortunate Harbor-Emile Richards

Fortunate Harbor
Emile Richards
Mira, Jun 29 2010, $13.95
ISBN: 9780778327707

When her ex husband CJ went to prison for a white collar scam, thirty-five year old Tracy Deloche could no longer could no longer remain a Bel Air, air head trophy wife. Her only asset is a few rundown seaside cottages off the Gulf Coast of Florida. Still she prevailed due to the help of her tenants.

Her relationship with Marsh Egan is at best on life support as his ex wife Sylvia wants him back so is working her magic on him using their son as a tool. Making life more complex is the return of C.J. who is out on bond awaiting a new trial. He wants to reconcile with her.

The arranged marriage between Janya and Rishi Kapur appears ready to die as she fails to become pregnant. At the same time Wanda Gray loses her job so she opens up a pie shop with the reluctant support of her spouse Ken the cop. Finally who is newcomer Dana Turner, accompanied by her daughter Lizzie, and why does she seem interested in a secret that Pete Knight may be able to help her with.

As with the first Deloche drama ((see Happiness Key), Fortunate Harbor is a warm contemporary BFFs tale in which the cottage crowd comes across as a family supporting one another. The story line digs deep into the ensemble cast to include those above and grandmother-granddaughter Alice Brook and Olivia Symington. Although the profound character driven story line reads at times like a series of interrelated vignettes, readers will enjoy the engaging second look at the residents of seaside cottage community (obviously written before the oil spill).

Harriet Klausner

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