Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And One Last Thing-Molly Harper

And One Last Thing
Molly Harper
Gallery (Pocket), Jul 27 2010, $15.00
ISBN: 9781439168776

Intoxicated Singletree Florist Cheryl Glick delivers the flowers from accountant Mike Terwilliger to his wife Lacey only there is no occasion, which is the only time he sends anything, and the card says to “My Bumblebee signed “The Stinger. Lacey realizes BeeBee secretary to her spouse was supposed to receive the floral arrangement. Fuming she goes to the email only to find Mike changed the password; but she enters BeeBee and finds the lewd emails including non facial pictures. Raging, she sends the emails to their clients as the monthly newsletter.

A hurt Mike files for divorce; while he and BeeBee sue for defamation of character. Her lawyer Sam “the Shark” tells her to stay out of trouble as her email has gone viral and the media is rabid. Lacey leaves for her remote cabin Lighthouse Cove. Her only neighbor is grumpy novelist Lefty “Wolverine” Monroe. He has a phobia about divorcees and she about men. With a nude swim and rescue, a door to the nose, her mom’s food, and writing with beer, they becomes friends and more while a fellow victim of male deceit Maya wants Lacey to partner with her on a Season’s Grating card business.

This is an amusing contemporary chick lit tale that satirizes the viral social networks in which one thing leads to another until there is no And One Last Thing. With a nod to Miss Manners who cautions people about placing relationships out there for the world to see, fans will enjoy the jocularity of a woman cuckold and then scorned finding solace in words and Wolverine who as her gay brother says looks him in the eye rather than everywhere else as Mike did.

Harriet Klausner

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