Thursday, February 18, 2010

Miss Julie Renews Her Vows-Ann B. Ross

Miss Julie Renews Her Vows
Ann B. Ross
Viking, Apr 6 2010, $24.95
ISBN: 9780670021550

Miss Julia warns Mr. Pickens that he better not break the heart of her late husband’s mistress four months pregnant Hazel Marie. Pickens, married three times, swears they will marry. Hazel Marie’s son Lloyd is elated with his new daddy while Miss Julia and her second husband Sam plan a bridal party though the bride is not invited as the hostess lies to her guests that Hazel Marie married in San Francisco a few months ago.

Pastor Larry Ledbetter invites Sam and Julia to a marriage counseling seminar hosted by a Christian shrink Dr. Fred Fowler. Sam agreed, but Julia is panicked that Fred is the host. After her cheating first husband died, Fred was nice to lonely grieving Julia until they began kissing in the chapel; Ledbetter caught them. Fred blamed Julia. She fears Sam’s reaction to her being labeled a loose woman.

The bridal party is a success although home nursing helper Etta Mae Wiggins is late. Everyone accepts why Hazel Marie is not there as she had a doctor’s appointment and that she and Mr. Pickens married. Soon afterward to get out of going to Fred’s seminar Julia claims to be ill and bedridden; and Etta Mae calls Julia from jail asking for Binkie the lawyer. She was accused by her client Francie Pitts of knocking her out and stealing a bracelet. Miss Julia continues to dodge Fred while working on proving Etta Mae’s innocence.

Miss Julia is her usual flustered self managing to make a mountain out of a mole hill to the delight of her myriad of fans. As always, the support cast is strong as they enhance the heroine’s fears and shenanigans while she also takes care of her friends and family. Although. Miss Julia’s behavior re not telling Sam the truth lacks her usual ethical fortitude, readers will let that slide as her escapes make for a fine cozy.

Harriet Klausner

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