Monday, February 1, 2010

In the Midst of It All-Tiffany L Warren

In the Midst of It All
Tiffany L Warren
Grand Central, Feb 22 2010, $13.99
ISBN: 9780446195164

Teenager Zenovia has spent her entire young life caring for her schizophrenic mother. Tired and seeing a foreboding future of always being there for her mentally troubled mom, Zenovia does her best. When members of the Brethren of the Sacrifice Church arrive, Zenovia feels welcomed by them and though skeptical knows adding God into their lives will help them especially with her mom’s excitement re the bible.

Seventeen years ago, Audrey saw her future husband in a vision; now she sees her one day spouse Phillip in person at the church. They marry, but instead of Zenovia’s life improving, it turns nasty as her stepfather and the rest of the flock want Audrey to stop taking her schizophrenic medication that prevents her mom turning violent, but the congregation insists she is suffering from demonic possession. With the help of church peers, Zenovia works hard at school and obtains a college scholarship to escape; knowing one day the call she dreads will come.

This is a timely inspirational tale with a strong message that people should look closely at who interprets God’s words; sort of a historiographer evaluating the history writer’s background. Profound, Tiffany L. Warren provides a thought provoking exhilarating story line with a deep message encouraging people to apply the free will God has granted us to make your own interpretation and decision; as those who conveniently let others do so may be led by false profiteering prophets.

Harriet Klausner

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