Thursday, January 7, 2010

Once in a Blue Moon-Leanna Ellis

Once in a Blue Moon
Leanna Ellis
B&H, Mar 2010, $14.99
ISBN 9780805449884

While most of the world celebrated the Apollo 11 moon landing, nine years old Bryn Seymour grieved the death of her mom Jennifer. Four decades later, Bryn learns of some strange information re NASA and her late mother.

Needing to know the truth, as she begins to think perhaps NASA is concealing something about her mom, Bryn travels to Texas to confront Howard Walters, who knew her mother. She hopes he can and will tell her the truth about her mom’s death and perhaps NASA cover-ups. In Texas, Bryn and Howard’s son Sam are attracted to one another, but his dad’s conspiracy theory involving Jennifer may keep them apart.

Once in a Blue Moon is an intriguing tale of a woman who never came to grips with the sudden death of her mother forty years ago and now has a chance for closure if she can obtain the truth; that is if anyone living knows the truth as Howard spins a conspiracy tale. Falling in love was not part of her plan, but fate intervenes. Fans will enjoy this strong romantic mystery due to a powerful cast, which besides the late mother and her adult daughter and the two Walters includes the late 1960s Apollo mission teams.

Harriet Klausner

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