Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mia the Magnificent-Eileen Boggess

Mia the Magnificent
Eileen Boggess
Bancroft, Jan 2010, $19.95
ISBN: 9781890862671

Mia Fullerton had been Mia the Meek, but became Mia the Melodramatic when she spent the summer at Little Tykes Theatre where she enjoyed acting on stage. Starting her sophomore year at St. Hilary’s, Mia considers whether she wants to try out for a part in the school’s production of the Music Man. She would no longer hesitate to go for a minor role, but her former boyfriend Tim, who cheated on her while visiting his grandparents in Maine, is a stage hand and her first boyfriend Jake is in the show.

Making matters more complicated for Mia is her efforts to obtain a driving license as Mr. Corrgian the janitor gives instruction. In her mini student driving lessons group are Jake and Tim. All this excludes her problems with her enemy Cassie and younger brother Chris. Finally her friend from the theatre camp Zoa the Gothic demands she be Mia the Independent.

Older elementary school students will enjoy Mia the amusing as she narrates her latest misadventures. In between horrific singing that probably has Meredith Willson cringing in his grave, Mia the Murphy has everything that could go wrong go wrong; yet she remains optimistic and clever while working the battlefields of school, crushes, driving and sibling.

Harriet Klausner

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