Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bo's Cafe-John Lynch, Bill Thrall and Bruce McNicol-

Bo's Cafe
John Lynch, Bill Thrall and Bruce McNicol
Windblown Media, Sep 2009, $13.99
ISBN: 9781935170044

On the surface executive Steven Kerner, his wife Lindsey and their child Jennifer live the perfect Southern California lifestyle. However, he has anger issues, which explodes when Lindsay yells at him for failing to pick up Jenifer from school so they could spend quality time together. Her nagging and some earlier alcohol lead to his raging. The two women in his life leave.
Lindsay and Jennifer move back into the house while Steven resides in an expensive Santa Monica hotel not far from where he works. He assumes this fight will blow over, but Lindsay has given up on his violent temper and files for a divorce.

At a bar whose ownership and name changes seemingly monthly, elderly Hawaiian shirted Andy Monroe offers advice and friendship to Steven who rejects the kindness. He pleads with Lindsay who obstinately refuses to take him back unless he gets professional anger management help; he angrily leaves instead as he knows he needs no help as he can control his temper if she would stop igniting it. Andy gets Steven to meet with a group of peers who tell their updated story at Bo's Café.

This is an interesting character driven inspirational family drama that focuses on getting help when one’s personal problems feel overwhelming and released by hammering at others including loved ones. That help may come from God, peer groups, or counselors; but the key to remember no one walks alone. With a strong cast led by Steven whose temper is so explosive it puts fear in the eyes of his two women whom he loves and shame inside his heart, readers will relish his efforts to change driven by his Electra coach.

Harriet Klausner

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