Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lady Jasmine-Victoria Christopher Murray

Lady Jasmine
Victoria Christopher Murray-
Touchstone, Jun 2009, $15.00
ISBN: 9781416589174

A plotter all her life in order to gain positions of wealth and respect, Jasmine Larson Bush knows she is fortunate that her beloved spouse Reverend Hosea Bush forgave her lies and plots. A lesser man would have kicked her to the curb for her Jezebel transgressions (see TOO LITTLE TO LATE and TEMPTATION. She has vowed to God (and her husband) to always tell the truth and to stop her Machiavellian machinations and tells both her lies in a massive confession.

When his father is shot in an accident, Hosea is named temporary pastor of the City of Lights Riverside Church though he has doubts and so does several selection board members. Jasmine relishes the glory and respect she and their daughter will receive as the wife and child of the pastor. However, the one transgression that she hid from her beloved Hosea surfaces when a blackmailer demands money. Jasmine used to fighting the opposition goes after the blackmailer with plans to counter blackmail by threatening double exposure and those board members who loudly objected to her husband as the interim pastor. As she charges into the frays she wonders if God and Hosea will forgive her this time.

LADY JASMINE is a terrific inspirational contemporary tale that is filled with church intrigue, a light mystery, humor and pathos. Fans will appreciate LADY JASMINE as she falls back into her scheming ways though her cause is not quite as ugly as in the past, her method is as she considers the end justifies the means but also learns once again how merciful the Lord is towards those who trip up.

Harriet Klausner

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