Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Among Us Women-Joan Lerner

Among Us Women
Joan Lerner
BookSurge Publishing, Apr 2009, $15.99
ISBN: 9781439228807

Elderly Jewish grandmother Rose grieves the death of her husband yet feels guilt and anger because she also feels free as her late spouse was abusive and demanding. She seeks an activity that will help society (and herself) opting for rescuing unborn babies slated for abortion. Almost forty Jane wants a baby, but her husband proclaims he is gay and leaves her. Jane is in shock but also angry and upset towards her spouse. Eva is an activist African American who has an abortion when her married white lover demands she get rid of the fetus. She is angry and remorseful for not standing up to what she wants and considers kicking him to the curb.

These three women meet over the baby issue and though they share differing perspectives and generational gaps, they find a common interest in their love for interior design. Each struggles with decisions that will haunt them regardless of the choices they make as these are not easy to make. There only solace is in interior design

AMONG US WOMEN is an intriguing tale of three females coming together to forge a sisterly bond though each is radically different in age, appearance, beliefs and most important in terms of reality temperament. The character driven well written story line is inspiring without preaching as Joan Lerner makes the case that everyone needs someone is a basic human need mindful of Maslow's hierarchy. Readers who enjoy an uplifting character study will appreciate the tale of three women finding a connection to one another through their joy of interior design.

Harriet Klausner

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