Friday, May 22, 2009

Let's Get It On- Jill Nelson

Let's Get It On
Jill Nelson
Amistad (HarperCollins), Jun 2 2009, $24.95
ISBN: 9780060763305

After the success of their Reno brothel and spa (see SEXUAL HEALING) LaShaWanda P. Marshall, Lydia Beaucoup and Acey Allen decide to duplicate their achievement off of Martha's Vineyard. Once again they offer their wealthy female clients “multiorgasmic” sex without the complications”. While Acey with Odell assisting her runs the Nevada spa, they set up a luxury floating spa on a yacht off the Cape Cod shore just outside the United States legal limit.

They turn to the black community of Lydia's upper class society godmother Ma Nicol for support as they run into objections from a mobster who demands a piece of the action and groups fostering racism and sexism. Their star performer is Afrodonis who make the ladies salivate. However, making matters even worse is the fundamentalist president calling for a law "No Child, No Behind" that outlaws sex unless a married couple tries to produce an offspring.

The second homage to Marvin Gaye continues Jill Nelson’s upbeat message encouraging women to appreciate life by living and loving to the fullest to include seeking sexual satisfaction. The story line is over the top of Afrodonis’ staff just the way we like it as LET’S GET IT ON is fun to read with its refrain of sex, sex, and more sex. Although the abstinence crowd will beat the bushes to ban this tale, Ms. Nelson makes a case that sex and politics share the same key element: someone is screwing someone else.

Harriet Klausner

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