Monday, November 17, 2008

Surviving Groomzilla: A Bride’s Guide-Craig Bridger

Surviving Groomzilla: A Bride’s Guide
Craig Bridger
Citadel (Kensington), Jan 2009, $9.95
ISBN: 0806530006

This is an amusing but cautionary (for brides) look at “Bridezilla’s evil twin” in an attempt to help brides deal with, preferably rope in, the worst excesses of their future spouses. The author proclaims he is suited to write this guide book because he is a who’s who in Groomzilla land; in fact Mr. Bridger admires his wife as the ultimate survivor. The anecdotes are humorous unless you happen to be the fiancée, a member of the wedding party, or a worker at the gala; as all are recipients of seemingly insane behavior. Some normally sane logical males do not even realize what they are doing to others; as caring males, who would not harm or insult others deliberately, go over the edge as grooms. Readers, not just brides, will enjoy this lighthearted look at an unexpected unintended consequence of feminism as out of control males turn into maniacal Groomzillas; however, included tips explaining how to “Tame the beast, take back the wedding” or when to run aimed at assisting the bride and others in the wedding party might help tone down the groom. My advice is get him pregnant; he will be too miserable and concerned with what happened to his looks than in mugging photographers, future mother-in-laws, and flower arrangements.

Harriet Klausner

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