Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Gates of Trevalyan-Jacquelyn Cook

The Gates of Trevalyan
Jacquelyn Cook
Belle, Oct 2008, $14.95
ISBN: 9780980245356

In 1844 Jenny Mobley and Charles King meet during a fox hunt. Although she is attracted to him, she assumes he is an idle spoiled rich kid. Charles is half way in love with Jenny so he pursues her. She quickly revises her opinion of him as he proves to be hard working, dedicated and caring. They soon marry.

She moves on to his affluent plantation Trevalyan in central Georgia. There as the country marches closer to all out war, they build a happy safe life together. However, when the war finally breaks out with the election of Lincoln, their idyllic lifestyle is threatened as no one is allowed to remain out of the Confederacy side of the fight in their area; not that either would go neutral or Union. Their life together raising a family is over for now and soon Trevalyan is at risk too from Sherman’s march to the sea, but Jenny knows the source of their true power will survive whatever comes from the war and its aftermath.

This mid nineteenth century epic saga will hook the readers with a strong sense of time and place that transports the audience to two plus decades of life in Central Georgia. The support cast is solid with several having their own subplots embellishing a look at the growing troubles of the period. However, this tale is owned by the lead couple as their actions and reactions reflect the larger stage. As she did with the terrific biographical fiction SUNRISE, Jacquelyn Cook provides an engaging historical yarn that enables her fans to taste life on a plantation before, during and just after the Civil War.

Harriet Klausner

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