Friday, October 17, 2008

Sinner-Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker
Thomas Nelson, Sep 2008, $24.95
ISBN: 97815955540089

In 2034 in most of the world, tolerance is the byword in regard to religion. It is frowned up to discuss sectarianism, ethno slurs, or public preaching. Billy Rediger, the product of the failed Project Showdown, is a lawyer who has never forgotten that what he wrote in The Books of History is made flesh in the real world.

Marsuvees Black is the personification of evil still out in the world causing trouble. He is behind the lynching and race riots that are polarizing America. Billy connects with Darcy Lange who also let evil into her life when she abetted Billy in writing that infamous tome. They discover Billy can hear the thoughts of everyone as long as he looks into their eyes and her voice can compel people to do what she asks. When a cabal of Washington powerbrokers brings them out from the cold, they agree to make the undecided power brokers pass a constitutional amendment that would make racial bigotry and religious freedom crimes. The amendment passes but in Paradise, Colorado Johnny Drake who fought against evil and won refuses to deny his religious beliefs.

Ted Dekker has written a fabulous supernatural thriller that brings to a close his terrific Paradise trilogy (see SHOWDOWN and SAINT). There is a lot of symbolism in this saga. Black can be considered Lucifer and Johnny is John the Baptist risking his life for his belief. There is plenty of action as the future United States is a place of no freedom as the Bill of Rights has been burned at the stakes. Readers will enjoy SINNER as it is a crime to openly worship God.

Harriet Klausner

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