Thursday, October 16, 2008

One Perfect Day-Lauraine Snelling

One Perfect Day
Lauraine Snelling
Faithwords, Nov 2008, $13.99
ISBN: 0446582107

Nora wants the perfect Christmas for her family. She looks forward along with her twins Charlie and Christi to the return of her spouse and their father from Germany. However the Riverbend police arrive at Nora’s home to inform her a tragedy occurs when Charlie is in a car accident and is in the hospital’s ICU only kept alive by a ventilator. His dad, delayed in Germany, rushes home to try to be at the side of his son.

Jenna is a single mother praying for a miracle for her daughter, Heather. If the child fails to get a heart transplant by Christmas she will be dead. A miracle occurs when a heart is found for Heather. Though Jenna rejoices, Nora mourns.

This is a poignant emotional tale of two families connected by the organ transplant. Both families come across as real especially their reactions to what is going on. Besides making a strong plea for the organ donation program, ONE PERFECT DAY points out that for each life saved, someone else mourns the loss of a life. Lauraine Snelling provides a deep inspirational novel.

Harriet Klausner

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