Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Secrets Of The Lighthouse-Santa Montefiore

Secrets Of The Lighthouse
Santa Montefiore
Simon & Schuster, Aug 5 2014, $25.99
ISBN 9781476735375

Londoner Ellen Trawton feels choked by her lifestyle especially her pending marriage that she doubts she wants to happen.  With an obsessive need to flee her troubles and in search of a muse, the wannabe writer travels to her mom’s hometown Connemara, Ireland to stay with her Aunt Peg, whom she never met before this visit.  Ellen also meets the rest of her maternal family for the first time too.  She enjoys the quaint Irish town and begins to learn secrets about her mom including why she fled the picturesque coast and the rest of her Irish kin. 

Her strongest attachment is to the lighthouse that seems to call to her in spite of a death several years ago.  That is until Ellen meets reticent widower Conor Macausland; who mostly stays away from the town or hides in his castle to avoid the villagers as they believe he murdered his wife Caitlin.  As Ellen falls in love, she and Conor begin to see each other; but a jealous Caitlin cannot let go of her spouse.

Secrets of the Lighthouse is a fascinating paranormal family drama with an intriguing relationship triangle.  The cast is solid and the vivid location enhances the entertaining plot.  In many ways Caitlin steals the storyline from her mate and her rival as she tells the audience her tale of woe.  Although the climax seems too obvious, readers will remain spellbound throughout.

Harriet Klausner

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