Wednesday, April 23, 2014

On The Rocks-Erin Duffy

On The Rocks Erin Duffy Morrow, Apr 22 2014, $25.99 ISBN: 9780062205742 As Abby tries on wedding gowns at Vera Wang, she and her BFF Grace discuss the former’s upcoming marriage to long time BF Ben. Grace looks up the fiancĂ© Facebook page. To both their horror and Abby’s consternation, Ben changed his status to single; using social media to end their engagement. When she confronts him, he is apologetic and explains there is no other woman, but a job offer in Arizona that he accepted. Heartbroken Abby feels worse because her younger sister Katie becomes engaged. For the next few months, Abby makes Ben and Jerry her BFFs until Grace persuades her to spend the summer together in Newport. Grace explains that she needs to leave Boston to escape an affair with a married man and Abby needs to accept and move on that Ben is yesterday. Confused over the single scene Abby struggles with dating in the age of social media changing the rules of engagement since she had been with Ben for a dozen years. On the Rocks is a fun lighthearted contemporary as Abby seeks her groove in a world in which she feels like a fish out of water; as technology radically changed the mores from what she recalls when she last was single on the dating scene in her twenties. The cast is quirky though not deep, but fans will enjoy most of their antics (except when realistic nastiness occurs on line for all friends to ridicule) as the singles scene has gone virtually naked for all to see. Harriet Klausner >

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