Friday, September 14, 2012

Lifting the Wheel of Karma-Paul H. Magid

Lifting the Wheel of Karma

Paul H. Magid

Point Dume Press, Sep 23 2012, $15.00

ISBN: 9780984016006

In Montana, Joseph Connell suffers from horrible visions that he believes are meaningful but has no idea what he should do with them. Whereas eighteen year old Joey turned to martial arts, his older brother Billy works closely with their dad in the family bottling business. Billy tells Joey that he will soon be a dad.

At a tournament, Tom batters Joey sending him to the emergency room where he lives for several months in a vegetative state fighting three warriors in his head. Suddenly he announces to his parents he wants to go home. Wheelchair bound Joseph believes that mystical elder Lahiri can help him find answers to the crippling visions. The wise India native begins mentoring Joseph on a journey on balancing his karma deep in the Himalayas.

Lifting the Wheel of Karma is an engaging allegorical tale that focuses on the importance of spiritual awakening and balance. Joseph’s journey is a terrific trek that physically takes readers to India’s Himalayas but more significantly inside the soul of a man. Lahiri and the protagonist’s dreams bring mysticism to the storyline while Joseph’s family provides western values as caring sensible people. Readers will appreciate this engaging metaphoric reflection on life as the game is fixed.

Harriet Klausner

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Thank you very much for the thorough and kind review.

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