Friday, June 1, 2012

Adventures of the Almighty One-Joe Dieckman

Adventures of the Almighty One

Joe Dieckman

V-Wind Publishing, Jul 21 2012, $11.50

PO Box 1031; Elgin, Il 60121-1031

ISBN: 9780982877326

“Adventures of the Almighty One.” Basher leaves his motorcycle mom to hit the road on a too small moped. At a secluded diner, Basher meets an overweight woman who he calls his lady love. They leave together only to run into violent bikers before Handlebar Hank joins their odyssey.

“The Message.” Tridoan the Messenger claims “God is Love” and without the “spirit of love”, man does cruel things whether it is Nazi Germany or the early Christian Church, or loses sight of love like prideful Nebuchadnezzar. Tridoan follows this up with a plea to the scribe’s home America where slavery in many forms still exist instead of “love thy neighbor”.

“Handyman: A Day With The Hot Fox.” The widower raises his six year old child alone working as a handyman. A frantic woman demands he make repairs before her daughter’s fifth birthday bash. His customer is a hyperactive lunatic who treats him with disdain, keeps adding chores to be done and changes her clothing into increasingly provocative outfits. Finally he flees without the money he earned. Oddly, not long afterward he and his son are invited to attend her daughter’s bash.

This is an odd but well written intriguing short story collection about love. “Adventures of the Almighty One” and “Handyman” star fascinating protagonists in weird somewhat comedic yet also grave situations; both are engaging shots that readers who appreciate something entertainingly different will appreciate. “The Message” is an inspirational poem imploring people to love one another. Though well written that feels out of place with the other two entries.

Harriet Klausner

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