Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Dog's Journey-W. Bryce Cameron

A Dog's Journey

W. Bryce Cameron

Forge, May 8 2012, $24.99

ISBN: 9780765330536

She was born as Toby; came back as Bailey; returned as Ellie; and finally now is Buddy (see A Dog’s Purpose). However, her human pet Ethan is dead two years and she knows her time is short with no chance of coming back as unrequited love for Ethan was the purpose for living.

However, Buddy observes Ethan’s family especially the mischievous infant Clarity, who gets into all sorts of trouble. The dog believes Ethan would want him to watch over her. He barked when she ate birdseed and jumps onto the pond when the child falls in. Instead of a hero’s welcome Clarity’s neglectful mom Gloria blames Buddy. More incidents occur until Gloria in a rage leaves with her daughter. However, Dr. Deb the vet informs Ethan’s weeping widow Hannah that it is time to put Buddy down.

To his euphoria, Buddy comes back years later as Molly. He believes he is Clarity’s destiny. The troubled teen adopts him, but Gloria goes nuts. Calling herself CJ, Clarity’s friend Trent takes Molly home. When animal control separates them, he knows not even her death will keep her from her beloved purpose.

Though similar in tone to A Dog's Purpose, A Dog’s Journey is a warm tale of how a canine even in death remains loyal to his or her human purpose. Whimsical, fans will relish Buddy-Molly, Max and Toby as they care for Clarity-CJ. There will not be a dry eye when Max returns to the farm where he recognizes the smells of Clarity’s paternal family. This continuation of the many lives of Bailey is an entertaining allegorical look at unrequited love.

Harriet Klausner

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