Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Dogwalker-Corwyn Alvarez

The Dogwalker

Corwyn Alvarez

Bell Bridge, Feb 15 2012, $14.95

ISBN: 9781611940961

In Mayfield, Maryland, mentally challenged Benny drops out of high school. His mom is upset with him and he expects an extended silent treatment. She demands to know what he plans to do with his life. Benny, whose first word was doggy, says he will become a dog walker as he has a natural affinity with canines.

At the pound benny meets death row inmate Noodles. With forged documents from his friend Zach and his mom’s approval, Benny rescues Noodles. They become BFFs. As his new business is a success, his brother Jerome at Boston Medical School causes tsuris for their beleaguered mom. Meanwhile through Zach’s prepayment, Benny meets and is attracted to Chloe. No human or dog is immune to kindhearted Benny’s caring honest nature.

This is an engaging character study of a mentally challenged person escorting dogs (and readers) around his hometown. The protagonist’s independent behavior indicates he is intelligent but wired differently. Fans will enjoy his na├»ve maturing as he changes his life and that of others in his expanding circle.

Harriet Klausner

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