Friday, November 4, 2011

Khan: Empire of Silver-Conn Iggulden

Khan: Empire of Silver

Conn Iggulden

Bantam, Nov 22 2011, $16.00

ISBN: 9780385344258

After forging an incredible empire that spread across Mongol Europe the Great Khan is dead. His oldest son Ogedai is his replacement as Khan, but delays the coronation ceremony to finish the building of Karakorum while the horde battle the Chin whose use of gunpowder has been a shocker to the invincible Mongols. In Europe, General Tsubodai easily defeats the Russians and the Poles.

However, betrayal back home betrayal begins when Ogedai’s brother Chagatai challenges his rule while their other sibling Tolui finds himself pulled by both of his kin. Others like the Great late Khan’s brothers (Khasar and Kachiun) plot; his grandchildren (Batu, Baidur and Mongke) show the family conquering skills. Finally there is the youngest grandchild Kublai observing and absorbing the intrigue.

The fourth Khan historical thriller moves passed the late Genghis to his heir in what is a great twisting entry. Filled with treachery and jealousy, the story line is character driven by a horde of rivals to replace the legend. With a deep historical base, powerfully vivid battle scenes and political machinations that make contemporary politicians look extremely soft (no chicken hawks in this late thirteenth century crowd), fans will enjoy beyond the golden age of Genghis with his heirs battling to rule the Empire of Silver.

Harriet Klausner

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