Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mr. Darcy Goes Overboard-Belinda Roberts

Mr. Darcy Goes Overboard
Belinda Roberts
Sourcebooks, Jun 1 2011, $9.99
ISBN: 9781402246937

In summer, the Bennet family goes on vacation to the English resort town Salcombe. The older daughters Jane and Lizzy love listening to their I-Pods, surfing, and seeing the latest fashion. The matriarch is ecstatic to learn that the house next door Netherpollock is owned by a rich single male Mr. Bingley who falls for Jane at first sight. Bingley is friends with William Darcy, owner of the luxurious yacht Pemberley.

Mr. Wickham tells Lizzy awful things about Mr. Darcy. She believes him because he speaks like a cultured gentleman while Darcy is surly and withdrawn, but is attracted to Lizzy. When he shows his feelings for her, she rejects him; Lizzy soon learns that Darcy is the gentleman and Wickham is the cad. Mrs. Bennet hopes Lizzy changes her mind because she wants the prestige of her daughters marrying wealth. When Darcy and Bingley leave, Jane and Lizzy are depressed believing they will never see their respective man again.

Although this is another of the zillion Jane Austen offspring, Pride and Prejudice in the twenty-first century is a whimsical amusing tale of misconceptions as the Bennet females learn to not judge a book by only its cover. The modern gizmos do not intrude on the classic theme of people concealing their feelings behind facades as the essence of the key cast remains consistent with the original intended characterization. Except for purists, Jane Austen fans will enjoy this contemporary rendition of timeless Pride and Prejudice.

Harriet Klausner

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