Monday, April 4, 2011

Glass Angels-Karen Wiesner

Glass Angels
Karen Wiesner
Whiskey Creek, Feb 23 2011, $18.95
ISBN: 9781611600094

In Peaceful, Wisconsin, three years ago Ryder Feldmann raped Samantha Samuels, daughter of a pastor who trusted the teenage juvenile delinquent. Although traumatized, Samantha enrolled in psychiatric classes in order to help victims of violent crimes. However, her faith has been shattered in the Lord and her trust in people’s kindness vanquished

Ryder’s older brother Kyle feels punished by his sibling’s violent assault. Kyle asked his beloved Samantha to marry him though he knew her father would object. The attack shattered his dreams as he knows anytime Samantha sees him, she sees Ryder too.

God works in mysterious ways as Samantha’s new office is in the same building as that of Kyle the divorce counselor. He prays this is not a deity joke as he wants a second chance, but realizes his Samantha has lost much of her spirit and almost all of her faith. She logically knows she must forgive her father for his negligence and Ryder for his assault, but cannot as she wonders if Glass Angels once shattered can heal; Kyle plans to glue the shattered pieces back together even if it takes his lifetime.

The fourth Family Heirlooms inspirational tale (see the “healing” of Foolish Games) is a terrific contemporary story starring a person whose belief system was shattered when her body was violated. Kyle is a strong counterpart to the courageous but tormented Samantha who has given up on God, her father, and her beloved as she trusts no one; not even the Lord who allowed the attack to occur. Readers will sympathize with the heroine’s emotional plight and empathize with the lead male’s hopes and frustrations as the only way she will heal is the impossible forgiving those she holds accountable.

Harriet Klausner

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