Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Scattered Life-Karen McQuestion

A Scattered Life
Karen McQuestion
Amazon Encore, Aug 10 2010, $14.95
ISBN: 978193557063

Skyla is a nomad who meets Thomas at a Wisconsin Mexican restaurant where she is a waitress when she was hurt in a violent incident. He begins dating her, buys a home for them, and marries her although her mother-in-law Audrey disapproves of her. They have a little girl Nora.

Skyla loves having a home and a family, something she never had growing up. However, as Nora turns four, she feels stifled. When she meets her scatter brained new neighbor Roxanne, mother of five kids and a big mastiff, she makes her first friend outside of Thomas’ family. Skyla soon obtains a job at Mystic Books after meeting psychic Madame Picard. As her life blossoms with new friends, Audrey disapproves as does Thomas. However, Sklya refuses to give up either of her new buddies though life will soon hit home with what is friendship and love.

A Scattered Life is an unhurried developed story line that allows readers an extremely deep look inside the soul of key players especially the heroine. In spite of the relatively unrushed pace, the plot grips the audience from the moment the rambunctious new neighbors settle in and never slows down. The story line centers on the friendship between the new BFFs and other loving relationships notably a mother and her children, and spouses. Well written, readers will enjoy this profound melodrama as Skyla learns what matters in life from Roxanne who lives life to the fullest with plenty of zest as she insists You Can't Take It With You (Moss and Hart) the love you receive from and give to others as everyone needs to feel cherished now.

Harriet Klausner

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