Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Miss You Most Of All-Elizabeth Bass

Miss You Most Of All
Elizabeth Bass
Kensington, May 1 2010, 20.00
ISBN: 9780758235107

Cancer victim Rue Anderson; her sister Laura Rafferty; and veteran Webb Saunders run the Sassy Spinster Farm in, Texas. The spread proves a great success as the “inmates” guests want to get down and dirty with work on a farm like planting and harvesting, etc. . Having just finished chemo treatment, Rue looks forward to sharing joint custody of her tweener daughter with her ex.

However, her recovery has a setback when the cancer returns. Worse is the return of the siblings’ younger pain in the butt stepsister Heidi Dawn Bogue to the farm. Heidi hides her reason for returning to a place she loathed when her mom married the sisters’ dad when she was a teen. In fact she needs to stay low as she is on the lam from her psychopathic Brooklyn embezzler boyfriend.

Readers will enjoy this character driven Texas family drama due to a strong lead trio and a solid support cast even if the Brooklyn mobster is somewhat stereotyped. Done with humor and wit (for instance, naming a child Portia is not Shakespeare literary allusion but an expensive car) Miss You Most Of All is a profound poignant relationship drama as three sisters find their groove.

Harriet Klausner

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