Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Book of the Shepherd-Joann Davis

The Book of the Shepherd
Joann Davis
HarperStudio, Dec 2009, $19.99
ISBN: 9780061732300

Joshua the shepherd tries to intervene when the father beats his son while others cheer the dad on. Joshua knows the law is an "an eye for an eye", but that cannot be right. He asks the Lord why he failed to intercede and hears a whispered reply that he did by sending Joshua. Later the kindhearted shepherd dreams of an Old Man who tells him to seek "the new way."

Former slave Elizabeth thanks him for interceding in saving her charge David’s life; both having been kicked out by the lad’s angry father. Joshua, Elizabeth and David begin a journey to find “the new way”. On their trek they share their pasts and meet the Storyteller, the Apothecary, the Blind Man, and the Stranger; all provide them with assistance and morality lessons. The trio also meets evil wolves in sheep clothing. When they reach the destination cave near the Great Inland Sea, the three travelers know “the new way” awaits them deep inside, but will they overcome their fears to obtain what they seek.

This is an interesting parable that explains the changes from the Old Testament to the New Testament. Targeting readers of all ages and including enhancing illustrations (by Sudi McCollum), The Book of the Shepherd is a terrific morality play based on “the story of one simple prayer, and how it changed the world”; The Peace Prayer validates the Law of Substitution allowing compassion not ire and avarice to be humanity’s guide.

Harriet Klausner

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