Saturday, November 7, 2009

Leiatra's Rhapsody-RYCJ

Leiatra's Rhapsody
OSAAT, 2008, $12.95
ISBN: 9780981825632

Leiatra Townsend grew up as the only child to affluent parents in whom her mom was judge, jury and executioner. Blaine Keith had eleven siblings. They met at college when she was a sophomore psych major and he a senior seeking as business degree. A two year rocky courtship led to marriage. Soon afterward she gave birth Alexis Blake followed rather quickly with twins Seth Gregory and Sedan Jordan.

Although Blaine has a strategic plan for his family, Leiatra opens up a counseling practice that is not one of her spouse’s objectives. Over time Leiatra becomes intrigued by the sexual interactions between the genders and begins a study in which she is the lone female. She has trysts with patients and other men that she hides from her family and the medical board for years. Her world collapses when someone anonymously accuses her of unethical practices with the board and to her husband. She must choose between her research and her family and career.

This is a fascinating look at a woman whose medical ethics is questionable though she rationalizes it to herself as field research. The story line looks deep into why Leiatra seeks out sexual encounters though she knows if her work is revealed, her marriage will end, her children will be left with their father, and her license revoked. Although the men she uses seem cookie cutter identical, fans will enjoy Leiatra's Rhapsody as RYCJ will have the reader pondering where the acceptable boundaries of moral medical research are drawn.

Harriet Klausner

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