Monday, August 3, 2009

Stray Affections-Charlene Ann Baumbich

Stray Affections
Charlene Ann Baumbich
Waterbrook, Sep 15 2009, $13.99
ISBN: 9780307444714

Cassandra Higgins needs some mental time away from her spouse and their four sons. She looks at a snow globe and muses about her childhood while staring at the three dogs and the little girl inside. Cassandra thinks back to beloved Grandpa Wonky and her dysfunctional relationship with her mother Bad Betty Kamrowski; she also recalls her love of helping injured animals that drove her closer to her Grandpa and away from her mom.

Her husband assumes Cassandra is going through some sort of inexplicable female nonsense while her sons wonder what is going on with their mom; her best friends are worried that she is heading into a deep depression. However, none of those concerned about Cassandra’s mental health understand the magic of this snow globe. Soon she and her loved ones will learn of dreams as they take a “flurrious” journey accompanied by a remarkable snow globe.

This is an intriguing family drama with a strong cast including the snow globe in which the mom seems to be losing it starting with broiling cookies. As she regains her lost dreams and ergo her equilibrium, her husband, kids, and neighbors become concerned with her mental state; that is until the trek. Whimsical in a sort of Brigadoon way, STRAY AFFECTIONS makes a strong case that no matter how old you are follow your dreams instead of discarding them with regret.

Harriet Klausner

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Charlene Ann Baumbich said...

Harriet, THANK YOU! What a lovely recap of the true heart of my story: follow your dreams and do not get stuck in regret. In Cassandra's case (and that of Bad Betty) it took a "flurrious" moment to awaken the possibilities.

I appreciate your carefulness and am grateful for your review. I'm working in the 2nd story in the Snowglobe Connections series right now, so stay tuned!

Peace and grins,
Charlene Ann Baumbich
Author, Stray Affections