Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Hope of Refuge-Cindy Woodsmall

The Hope of Refuge
Cindy Woodsmall
WaterBrook, Aug 11 2009, $13.99
ISBN: 9781400073962

Twenty-eight years old Widow Cara Atwater Moore accompanied by her seven year old young daughter Lori flee New York City following her husband Johnny’s death as his crony Mike wants her in his bed one week after she buried her spouse. She hides in Amish Country because she has some fleeting memories of being there happy as a child before the horrific foster care drained her soul. Mother and daughter go Dry Creek, Pennsylvania where she and her mom once stayed. However, the pair finds a surprisingly hostile greeting as none of the townsfolk want Cara or Laura there as they remember her mother Malinda Riehl Atwarer vividly.

Ephraim Mast is the one exception as he remembers Cara the child. He believes God would want him to help her and Lori and he does though he risks being shunned by his community even his family and his girlfriend Anna Mary Lantz. Cara distrusts Ephraim’s offers of assistance as she wonders what is in it for him. His sister Deborah also has issues as her beau of two years Mahlon Stolzfus seems distracted as if he plans to leave.

Ada's House Amish family drama is a terrific character driven tale as Ephraim sets the standard for everyone in Dry Creek when he risks everything to help the innocent but “shunned” due to maternal sins of Cara and Laura. The key cast members will have to look into the mirror as their values and beliefs stare back at them shouting shunning hypocrisy or the HOPE OF REFUGE.

Harriet Klausner

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