Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Entertaining Angels- Judy Duarte

Entertaining Angels
Judy Duarte
Kensington, May 2009, $12.95
ISBN: 9780758220165

In San Diego suburb Fairbrook, while attending high school, Kristy Smith worked extra hard on her class work because she wanted to attend college and knew to do so she had to earn a scholarship. However, she lost her dream when she became pregnant and needed to work to support her son Jason and ironically her grandmother too. Kristy remains upbeat refusing to wallow in what could have been.

While attending school Craig Houston dreamed of becoming a pastor in an impoverished country. Instead he accepts the pastor position in Fairbrook. Though he feels he is needed more overseas, he changes his mind when he gets to know his middle class flock; encouraged by wise Jesse. He tries to help those in crisis like pregnant teen Renee Delaney, but it is Kristy even after unfairly accusing Renee of theft, whose optimism is pervasive and has him believe everyone needs support even a broken dreamed pastor if they are to obtain redemption.

ENTERTAINING ANGELS is an entertaining inspirational tale that will give readers a mental boost with its optimistic isms (perhaps too many) encouraging the audience to seek God rather than wait for God to come around. The story line is driven by the strong cast; not just those above as others like Kristy’s best friend play major roles. Fans will root for the people of Fairbrook to find salvation, but especially want Kristy to obtain her dream of going to college.

Harriet Klausner

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