Monday, March 23, 2009

Up at the College-Michele Adrea Bowen

Up at the College
Michele Andrea Bowen
Grand Central, Apr 2009, $23.99
ISBN: 9780446577755

Yvonne Fountain Copeland is distraught when her husband PH.D Dr. Darrell dumps her for his peer, arrogant as he is, Dr. Bettina Davidson; Instead of moping Yvonne turns to the Lord who helps her get through her marriage break-up and even his idle threat of obtaining custody of their kids high school aged D’Relle and middle school aged Danesha. She returns with her children to her hometown of Durham, North Carolina where she obtains an adjunct professor position at Evangeline T Marshall University.

Yvonne meets religious “Eva T” U Collegiate basketball coach Curtis Parker who enjoys his bachelor lifestyle. He had no plans of marrying anytime soon until he falls in love with Yvonne. However, as he has problems with reconciling what his work requires for him to be a success with what his soul demands, Yvonne remains at his side helping him understand what matters.

Well written with an interesting lead pairing, the overwhelming premise of UP AT THE COLLEGE is with Jesus throwing assists, you can slam dunk through life. Faith is how the audience will define Yvonne while her ex is a sort of King Solomon filled with knowledge but lacking passion. The most interesting character is Curtis who has a struggle between what his job requires and what the Lord requires of him. Although the abundance of preaching slows down the fast breaks, Christian romance readers will enjoy Michele Andrea Bowen’s fine contemporary.

Harriet Klausner

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